parler embed test

"...If [#section230] is repealed what you'll find is #socialmedia sites will be responsible for what their users post. That's not just for #Twitter and #Facebook, that is also for a conservative competitor like #Parler, who [is] past 10M users (4M active) at this point. So this would open them up to potential law suits.


Election Coverage

I built a page on the newspaper website that has all the Vineyard Gazette's election coverage. It lists all the recent stories, poll locations, multimedia, and election results. 

 This year is the first year the newspaper's website has more mobile users than desktop users. I know start with mobile in mind. To ease navigating the page I put links at the top to blocks that are further down the page. I imagine someone on their phone trying to find polling information and summaries of the candidates on their phone before voting, as I often do. 


Newspaper Website Holiday Theming

Holiday theming shows users that a website is active and in step with the experiences of the user. We don't do much holiday theming on the Vineyard Gazette website; we do for 4th of July and Christmas. It's not a cheesy clipart graphic, or full logo redesign like Google does. It's just subtle coloring in the navigation. I reused the theming for the Christmas page and the voters' guide.