Alison Shaw

During my first winter on Martha's Vineyard I built a snowman in Edgartown. Alison took a picture of my friend and I building it. That week it was used on the front page of the Vineyard Gazette. It wasn't until I started working at the Gazette that I discovered Alison had once done the newspaper layout. 

Alison focuses on black and white photography. It's unclear as to if that's an extension of her experience at a black and white print newspaper, or that was her style preceding that. If that latter is the case than the job at the paper must've felt like a good fit. 


Wendy Lichtensteiger

From what I see of Wendy Lichtensteiger's work is that it's mostly of animals, birds, sharks, and whales. Although the shapes demonstrate her ability as an artist it's the tactility that impresses me. Although I don't personally find simply craft to be compelling, the realism in the work is impressive and sustains my interest long enough to engage in the work enough to encourage me to explore the work for further. That's when I arrive at the tactility of the work. Not simply in the texture, but in the way the shape of the wood is highlighted with the style in the paint.