Revisiting Traditional Art Forms

My life as an artist really started with playing in Photoshop and Illustrator in high school. I didn't think of it as art. I just enjoyed manipulating photos. In community college it was sensible for me to focus what I had enjoyed doing and developed a bit of skill in, so I went for graphic design. It wasn't until my [undergraduate classes] that I saw computer art as a real expressive, non-commercial art form. From there I realized I need to backfill a lot of my creative education with traditional art forms.


Secrets to long life

I get into bed at a reasonable hour. Plug my phone in, lay back, and browse for just a minute before turning my light off. An hour goes by. 

I check my timing to ensure I have enough time to fit my run in before work. I only have 30 minutes. By the time I get to the next road I begin to grow concerned I'm starting to lag behind. I check my clock and only 10 minutes have gone by.


Biking Through Edgartown

It was a beautiful night on Martha's Vineyard. Almost every Tuesday I go down to the dock in Edgartown to watch my friends play music. After they play they go to a bar, The Port Hunter. You can see the bar starting at 01:47 in the video. I enjoy going and try to when I can, but being a Tuesday, having a tight budget, and likely having already drank 2-3 beers it's not always in the cards. It's hard to leave town when I have so much energy, particularly on nights like this, a night or two just after the full moon (02:12).