Revisiting Traditional Art Forms

I've focused and worked mostly in digital, but I think there's a chance I could revisit physical arts forms.

My life as an artist really started with playing in Photoshop and Illustrator in high school. I didn't think of it as art. I just enjoyed manipulating photos. In community college it was sensible for me to focus what I had enjoyed doing and developed a bit of skill in, so I went for graphic design. It wasn't until my [undergraduate classes] that I saw computer art as a real expressive, non-commercial art form. From there I realized I need to backfill a lot of my creative education with traditional art forms. I took a drawing class, sculpture class, and eventually a painting class, which understandably used acrylics.

I struggle a bit with traditional mediums. I wouldn't claim to be naturally talented, but I could create decent work. The problem is that it required time, and I believe that by being spoiled by the instant gratification of new media I didn't have the patience. The process usually starts out well, and I'm excited about the project. Towards the end of the work I'm very proud of myself and enjoy the act of fine tuning. The problem is right smack in the middle, before the work takes shape and a lot of time has already been poured into it. "What am I doing? Why am I spending time on this?"

Since college I decided that I needed to play to my strengths, particularly once entering the professional world where time is money. I don't mind spending my time on non-commercial work, or hobby art, but I decided that if I was going to spend time not making money, I should do it to reenforce skills that helped me at work. 

It's sound logic. What I did not account for was the fatigue that goes into staring at computer screens. I spend all day at work staring at a screen, and although I have the creative energy to do my when thing when I get home, I doing have the physical endurance to stare into monitors anymore. This has me wondering if I should reevaluate my dismissal of traditional and physical art forms. 

Conceptually I've always appreciated and embraced the [balance of computer work with physical]. Stylistically I love the [style of hand painted textures]. I often reference the value of the [aura of the work], and how the manifests more easily through the hand of an artisan. I've valued time [working in yards and gardens] by seeing concrete and tangible outcomes of hard labor.

I think this could be a resurgence of physical art forms for me. I believe there's a place in my life for traditional media.