I Purchased an NFT

My first NFT is a reference to MacPaint, and is by an artist I've appreciated for a long time.
Mar 2022
Every Icon NFT

NFT (non fungible tokens) feels like a technology I’ve expected, but didn’t really have the technical knowledge to truly anticipate it. A conceptual focus of mine through my academic career was the value of the unique, and it’s contrast with the digitally infinitely reproducible. 

I hope to create my own unique digital work. For now my focus is on building a newspaper website. In the meantime I thought it would be wise to make a purchase of another’s work so that I can better understand the ecosystem. 

My impression is that for the time being most art is bought as a novelty. The technology certainly has merit, and is very exciting, but like the Internet in the 90’s the power is not fully realized. With that in mind I chose to invest in a work that I believed in. 

I’ve admired John F. Simon Jr. work’s before going to graduate school for new media art. I believe he pioneered addressing uniqueness in digital space in art. His work clearly recognizes the contrast of physical and digital. I was happy to see his work at the Whitney when I went to a digital show, Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art in 2019. I knew he would be doing something in the realm of NFTs. Sure enough he was. 

He reimagined one of his early success, Every Icon, and minted a collection of 512 with different designs. There were some that looked randomized to me, and those were on the more affordable side, but I wanted something more graphically tangible.

Some of them have a 32x32 pixel version of the cryptocurrency logo for Ethereum. The few referencing classic Apple Macintosh icons spoke to me personally. They reminded me of my personal experience playing with old graphical program and finding a love for digital art.

I purchased one that resembled the MacPaint icon.