Stretching time by savoring thoughts

I get into bed at a reasonable hour. Plug my phone in, lay back, and browse for just a minute before turning my light off. An hour goes by. 

I check my timing to ensure I have enough time to fit my run in before work. I only have 30 minutes. By the time I get to the next road I begin to grow concerned I'm starting to lag behind. I check my clock and only 10 minutes have gone by.

I believe my perception of timing is directly related to how often I think. When I'm my phone I'm not doing any real thought. I'm on a conveyor belt of time without concept of movement. When I'm exercising I'm cognizant of every step, every moment. I have nothing but my thoughts. Time for me is stretched. 

If I spend more time in my life involved in my own thought, will I experience more time in my life? Can I live longer by stretching minutes into cerebral hours? Perhaps I can live seemingly forever if I can savor every second like it's 1,000 years.