My Gallery visit on June 24
granary gallery

On June 24th I hope to go to an opening at the [Granary Gallery]. I'm undecided on if I'll write about shows before I go, but I thought it'd be wise in the search for my written voice to get into the habit of writing, and that it's probably best to do that at the beginning of the show season on Martha's Vineyard. I'd also like to go into the show with some sense as to what I'm looking at. I believe writing about a show before I go will help build my vocabulary about the subject and style. For each artist I'll serahc for a gateway into the subject matter. This would also have the added benefit of allowing me to take interest the show. I can look at the work in context general only available to me after the event. 

This show touches on three different mediums, and I'm curious to see if that trend continues with the rest of the openings by the more popular island galleries. Wendy Lichtensteiger is a sculptor. Alison Shaw is a photographer. Scott Terry is a painter.

I'll make a new post in response to [my experience of the show.]

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