Facebook rebranding as Meta

#Facebook is rebranding as #Meta not for the reason you think.
oculus meta

Despite the leak that it's a company in a capitalist society that favors wealth over anyones' well being. Or that it uses algorithms to choose algorithms intended to maximize engagement to sell ads to fund a (monetarily) free service to everyone. Rebranding to duck that news is an extremely obvious and would frankly be a sad reaction, and they know that.

What this negative press does is accelerates threats to a new product.

Mark #Zuckerberg and others are motivated by the goal of rebuilding the Internet as a metaverse. I'm sure they're happy to make money along the way, but the timing of the rebranding is more closely related to the presentation of a dream technology. Combining what they've learned about people, lifestyles and social habits on Facebook and #Instagram, with graphical technology like #Oculus they will create a new layer of virtual space.

If they don't present the technology before they're broken up as a monopoly, or an amendment to #seciton230 redefines our relationships with social media, they may never.

The pressure is on to show the value of combining these platforms before they're forced to break them up.