Half-Life by E.O. Wilson

Highlighting the value of biodiversity, and inspiring me to better articulate my biological metaphor in my art.
Biology book, Half-Life by Edward O. Wilson

Third E.O. Wilson book down.

Added a new favorite glossary term to my repertoire - Anthropocene Epoch. With every reference to anthropocene I imagine a mini-golf course, or plants in a mall that makes vague reference to nature. As discussed in detail in his book, Biophelia those faux natural environments are completely laking in the complexity that drives our curiosity and makes us feel part of something much greater. 

There was a wonderful unexpected chapter at the end of the book about technological development, and how we're reverse engineering the human brain and developing artificial intelligence. He makes reference to rectifying the consciousness with sub-consciousness. Evolution has spent millions of years designing a brain and granting us the gift of rational thought. It's a very humbling chapter that I believe is intended to provide motivation and at the same time hope in preserving the world. 

It's within this chapter that I see how it relates to my own work. With my art I've been representing how we communicate to each other in a social network, and I use organic metaphor to represent digital communication. I can do more in representing our biological selves and how conscious communication can relate to sub-conscious action. The environment and other elements that we share space with is also very critical to that interaction and under represented in my work.