Graham Smith

About me

I'm a new media artist living on Martha's Vineyard looking for spare time when I'm willing to be on a  computer outside for work to develop a website and self publish my thoughts and ideas, while exercising my skills at work.

About this website

This site is currently under construction, and will likely be forever. I believe a strong site grows organically, and although I think in a professional context the start-up process should be private, this is a personal space that I hope among other plans will become something to learn and encourage others. I'm happy to share my process even while in the ugly duck stages. 

I see this website as a public note taking platform, or as an encyclopedia of me. I create 4 different kinds of post, articles, sketches, journal entries, and projects.

Articles are reports on particular subject matter. They're more objective observation of either art work, articles, scientific subjects, or really just any subject matters. They're subjective or personal only in how it's curated. 

Sketches are visual experiments. These post can be more technical in nature. It will encompass a description of the medium chosen or how I built something.

Journal entries are focused on personal experiences. They act a lens through which one can at east get a sense of my perceptions and motivation.

Projects can be considered the outcome of the accumulation of studies found in articles, technical execution of sketches, of which the personal motivation is described or eluded to in the journal. 

Each entry will link to another so you can explore the work as it relates to your own interests. Some subjects have [brackets] around them. This would indicate a pending post. A subject that I will write about, but have not yet done so. It is in a sense a yet to be opened door.

Find an article, and enjoy exploring my website.

Thank you.